About us

As friends and entrepreneurs, we delved into the fascinating world of crypto by chance. From the first moment, we were captivated by the idea of using blockchain technology as an innovative decentralization system with multiple possibilities, not only at the business level but also in terms of its impact on society.

Although our beginnings in this field were complicated with losses in investments of several projects, we never lacked the desire to learn and deepen more. Over time, we learned from our experiences and began to have a clearer vision of what we wanted to do: give NFTs real use.

It was when we met Eduardo and Chano, two restless and bold people with great experience in the sector who were developing a blockchain that today is known as EXPACE. It was great to share our ideas and visions with them, as it's not easy to find like-minded people. In addition, finding genuine and kind people with whom you can establish a real connection is something that can be even more complicated to achieve.

Step by step, we joined our initiatives and gave meaning to everything to create our Kybalion project, which is what we would have liked to find when we started on this path. We wanted to find a way to give NFTs real utility and make our community part of it.

In three years, we have met people who share our concerns and are now part of our team. Together we have learned and worked hard to realize our vision. Thank you for being part of our community and helping us achieve our goals. Let's move on!


At Kybalion, we firmly believe in decentralization, and we want to contribute to the community by creating a solid ecosystem that makes all the possibilities it offers accessible in a simple way for all users.

Our main goal is to democratize access to high-quality art and preserve its value over time through blockchain technology. We are convinced that this project will provide solutions, facilities and rewards, both economic and personal.

We are committed to keeping our community informed and listening to their opinions and suggestions, as we believe that collaboration and open communication are key to success, thereby acting diligently to adapt to the changing needs of the market and our users.

In addition, we plan to explore other areas of decentralized technology and find ways to integrate them into our ecosystem, such as creating a secondary market for NFTs, developing decentralized applications (dApps), and expanding our platform to include other types of art as well as creative projects.

Together, as a team and community, we hope to build a future in which art and technology come together harmoniously and enrichingly with TheMusa.

We will maintain efforts to foster education and adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs in a wider audience through the organization of events, seminars and workshops to inform and teach people about the benefits and potential of these disruptive technologies.


We are also establishing partnerships with other organizations, projects and artists who share our vision and values, collaborate on joint initiatives and combine skills and resources to drive innovation and growth in the digital art and blockchain technology space.

It is our pillar to be aware of the ethical and sustainable aspects of our project, addressing issues such as the energy efficiency of the platform, and ensuring that commercial and artistic practices are aligned with an environmentally friendly approach.

We invite everyone interested in our project to join our community and actively participate in its development, through contributing ideas, promoting our project, or simply sharing their appreciation for art and technology.

Kybalion is the result of the passion, effort and collaboration of a diverse group of individuals united by a belief in the power of decentralization and art. We thank everyone who has supported us from the beginning and accompanied us on this exciting journey. We will continue to evolve, learn and grow together with our community.

Sincerely, The Kybalion team.