What is Kybalion?

Kybalion is a revolutionary ecosystem that merges art and technology in perfect harmony. It harnesses its own decentralized storage blockchain, providing a secure and transparent environment where artists can share and sell their physical artworks and NFTs. At the same time, its native token fuels interaction and value within the community, creating a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem. Kybalion redefines the way we experience art, allowing participants to immerse themselves in a digital universe where creativity flourishes and barriers fade away.

TheMusa Kybalion


It is a painting painted in oil by the renowned Spanish painter Modesto Trigo Trigo, which has been digitized and fragmented into 10000 NFTs, these represent not only the acquisition of a great work of art, but it is also the access key to belong to the Kybalion Ecosystem.

Cuarks Kybalion


Token that will function as a bridge between the Ethereum network and the Expace blockchain, to be used as the main medium of exchange for users throughout the Kybalion ecosystem.

Xpace Kybalion


A blockchain with the main objective of providing decentralized storage and facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology for users and companies. Without limitation. Expace, seeks to provide integral solutions according to the projects based on blockchain technologies of today.

Logo TheMusa

A work divided into 10000 fragments.

Logo TheMusa

The meeting point between

Art and Technology.

TheMusa is the first physical work of art that enters the digital world giving the possibility of having a participation like a business action that we have called NFTion and is the access key to be part of the project. The NFT TheMusa will give benefits to all Kybalion, TheMusa, Cuarks and Expace offering direct economic distribution and exclusive advantages on all of them.

Cuadro TheMusa

The image of the painting has alterations in some pixels
to protect the original for future holders.

Modesto Trigo

The Musa is the gateway to a secure technological future. Art should be part of our lives.

Painter and sculptor born in 1960 in Gundivós. En 1977 he moved to Barcelona where he continued his training, living for a while in Jaca until 1982 when he moved to Lanzarote. In 1990 he arrives in Madrid until May 2022 when he returns to his native village where he is creating an artistic and ethnological museum, dedicated to his mother "Generosa Trigo Fernández" in the family home. In his numerous portraits of well-known people, he captures the psychological personality of those portrayed. His detailed observation of forms and light defines him as an intuitive realist painter. He participates in numerous solo and group exhibitions, an influential artist and art teacher.

The artist has received multiple international awards, one of the most relevant being the Gabriel Zendel Prize, which is awarded by the Taylor Foundation at the Salon d'Automne in Paris, for his work "Architectural Paradox".

TheMusa Initial Distribution


Private Sale

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Whitelist Sale

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Public Sale

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In our analysis for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we have determined that if we do not reach the sale of 1000 NFTs within a period of 3 months following our initial public sale, we commit to refunding TheMusa holders 100% of the purchase cost of their NFT.

Upcoming exclusive NFT releases
for TheMusa holders

Diptico Pecado

El Pecado Original

Bodegon Bonsai

Bodegon con Bonsai
El Cortejo

The image of the painting has alterations in some pixels to protect the original for future holders.

Fragmento TheMusa


  • TheMusa Utilities:
    • Discounts for purchases of future NFTs of Modesto Trigo Trigo and future artists within our platform
    • Assignment of certain copyrights for art buyers within our platform.
    • Certificate of authenticity of the work of art.
  • The exploitation of Physical Art: A collection of the community including TheMusa. A collection of the artists who enter the platform will be created, acquiring physical works this will remain under the custody of the Kybalion facilities and will be in proportion to its entire community. They will be exhibited in different galleries and museums around the world and part of the profits will be distributed among the holders who own the NFT TheMusa.
  • Exclusive group: TheMusaPass will be created, with access to interact with TheMusa.io artists and collectors and NFT TheMusa.
  • Exclusive passes to Galleries in the Metaverse.
  • For artists: Receive premium support from TheMusa's support team.
  • Certifications of Authenticity through the platform.
  • Constant exhibitions of physical works and distribution of profits.
  • Artists who are Holders will receive a 5% discount on network commissions.
  • For collectors: guaranteed access and exclusive prices for private sales or auctions of the different collections within the TheMusa platform.
  • Remember that by buying the NFT TheMusa you can enjoy multiple benefits that you will see below on all the projects of the future Kybalion Ecosystem, including Cuarks and Expace.
Logo Polygon

It will be delivered in high resolution and the right of a physical impression will be assigned for private use,
Only for registered participants in the Private Sale.

Logo TheMusa


Logo Cuarks Logo Cuarks

Governance system

Cuarks holders have the right to vote and make important decisions about the future of the project.

Private and Secure

The Cuarks blockchain uses encryption to protect file information. It allows the acquisition of private blockchains to improve anonymity.

Ethereum and Expace

Cuarks allows both blockchains to be connected, allowing users to move their assets easily and securely.

Ease of use

It is designed to be used as a means of exchanging products and services in an easy and accessible way to drive their mass adoption.

The Storage Revolution

Logo Xpace

Secondary blockchains and decentralized data storage.

No intermediaries or regulators, totally anonymous.

Secure and private messaging system

Chain governance and control of Fee. The hierarchical structure of blockchain improves the efficiency and scalability of the network.



Roadmap Kybalion
  • Q1 Birth of the ecosystem

    Realizaremos una venta privada de solo 333 NFTs, para miembros exclusivos de la Whitelist..

  • Q2 Private Sale

    La primera venta pública será por 3000 NFTs.

  • Q3 Expace Testnet Launch

    Se venderá 3333 NFTs

  • Q4 Private Sale

    Se venderá 3333 NFTs

  • Q5 Sale Whitelist

    Lanzamiento de la plataforma TheMusa.io

  • Q6 Public Sale

    Lanzamiento de Cuarks en la red Ethereum como token ERC-20.

  • Q7 Marketplace launch

    Fase de Prueba de Expace.

  • Q8 Launch of Cuarks

    Integración completa del rendimiento de Cuarks en la red Expace y conexiones a Kybalion Ecosistema.

  • Q9 Expace Beta Version Released

Roadmap Kybalion Roadmap Kybalion

Distribution of Post Mint Funds Raised

Tokenomics Kybalion Tokenomics Kybalion

Marketplace TheMusa





Development Cuarks & Expace


Roadmap Kybalion


Roadmap Kybalion
Team Kybalion



Team Kybalion


Founder - CFO

Team Kybalion


Founder - CTO

Team Kybalion

Modesto Trigo Trigo


Team Kybalion


Dev ux

Team Kybalion



Team Kybalion

Joel V.

Content Editor

Infographic of utilities for holders

Roadmap Kybalion

Total Revenue

4.66% of the Fee in Cuarks transactions will be distributed among TheMusa holders.

Cuarks & TheMusaPass

Thanks to the exclusive access of TheMusaPass, TheMusa NFT holders will be able to access the first private presale of Tokens.

Staking & Farming

TheMusa NFT Holders will have a +5% return on the Staking & Farming of the Cuarks cryptocurrency.

Total Revenue

4.66% of TheMusa NFT profits will be distributed among TheMusa holders and obtained in the ways indicated in this infographic

Plataforma TheMusa.io

  • Discounts for future NFT purchases from Modesto Trigo Trigo.
  • Cesión de ciertos derechos de autor sobre las obras.

Exploitation of Physical Art

The physical art will remain in the custody of Kybalion's facilities, this along with many arts will be exhibited in different galleries.


Access to an Exclusive Club for collectors and artists Holders of TheMusa NFT.

Plataforma TheMusa.io

Utilidades de TheMusa:

  • Certificado de autenticidad de obra.
  • Soporte a digitalización de obras de arte.
  • Exposiciones constantes de obras físicas. Beneficios repartidos.

TheMusa.io Platform

TheMusa Utilities:

  • Certificate of authenticity of work.
  • Support for digitization of works of art.
  • Constant exhibitions of physical works. Benefits distributed.

Royalties NFT TheMusa

Resale of NFT TheMusa will have a fee of 5% on the sale price, divided:

  • 1⁄3 for the artist.
  • 1⁄3 for the project.
  • 1⁄3 for the community.

Benefits of Use of the Platform

For artists: receive premium support from TheMusa's support team. Artists who are holders will have a 5% discount for network commissions. For collectors, guaranteed access and exclusive prices to enter sales or private auctions of the different collections within the TheMusa platform.

Total Revenue

4.66% of the Fee on Expace transactions will be distributed among TheMusa holders

Expace & TheMusaPass

Thanks to the exclusive access of TheMusaPass, TheMusa NFT holders will be able to access the first private storage presale.

Choose ONE option.

TheMusa holders will be able to choose from one of these gifts for the time of Expace's launch

  • 1Gb of storage for a Block for life.
  • 10 Gb of storage for Temporary Blockchain.
  • 1 Gb of storage for Blockchain for life.

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Community Kybalion

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