Special Private Pre-sale

At TheMusa, we understand the importance of our early supporters. These pioneering individuals who believe in our vision and invest in us from the beginning are crucial in building our ecosystem. That's why we want to simplify their path to becoming holders of TheMusa NFT. Our Special Private Pre-sale is designed to be a straightforward and hassle-free experience, without the need to participate in dynamics. Only the first supporters will have the opportunity to acquire fragments of Modesto Trigo Trigo's artwork before anyone else. This is your chance to be part of the history of art and cryptography while supporting the growth of our exciting community.

Only subscribers in this first stage
will be able to enjoy:

  • Early Private Sale: You will have access to an early private sale, allowing you to purchase artworks at a lower price before they are available to the general public.
  • Online Training with the Artist: Have you ever wanted to learn directly from an acclaimed artist? Here is your chance. Gain access to special online training sessions with Modesto Trigo Trigo and other artists within our platform.
  • Private Group of Artists and Collectors: Enter an exclusive circle comprised of the artist and Kybalion members, designed to assist you in developing your art collection and navigating the world of NFTs. It is an ideal space to make valuable connections and learn from the best.
  • Discounts on Marketplace Fees: As a token of appreciation to our investors and collectors, we will offer a 20% discount on the commission fee of our marketplace when buying or selling an NFT.
  • Access to Masterclasses: The holders of TheMusa NFT will have access to masterclasses with artists and experts in the art world. These classes can cover a wide range of topics, from art history and painting techniques to how to assess the value of an artwork.
  • Art Collection Building Advisory: NFT holders will have access to personalized consultations for building their art collections. Our team of art experts will be available to assist you in selecting pieces that best fit your interests and budget.
  • Exclusive Quantity Purchase: During this private pre-sale, you will be able to acquire up to 10 NFTs of TheMusa, a unique opportunity that will not be repeated in future sales. This exclusivity in quantity not only allows for a larger stake in the community but also maximizes your benefits and the potential value of your investment.

Remaining benefits that are common
for the community:

  • Discounts for future purchases of NFTs by Modesto Trigo Trigo and upcoming artists within our platform.
  • Assignment of certain copyright rights for art buyers within our platform.
  • Certificate of authenticity for the artwork.
  • Exploitation of Physical Art: Community collection including TheMusa. A collection of artists who join the platform will be created, acquiring physical artworks that will be held under the custody of Kybalion's facilities and will be proportionally shared with the entire community.
  • They will be exhibited in different galleries and museums worldwide, and part of the profits will be distributed among the holders who own TheMusa NFT.
  • Exclusive Group: TheMusaPass will be created, providing access to interact with the artists and collectors of TheMusa.io and TheMusa NFT.
  • Exclusive passes to galleries in the Metaverse.
  • For artists: receive premium support from TheMusa support team.
  • Certifications of Authenticity through the platform.
  • Constant exhibitions of physical artworks and profit sharing.
  • Artist holders will receive a 5% discount on network fees.
  • For collectors: guaranteed access and exclusive prices to conduct private sales or auctions of different collections within TheMusa platform.
  • Remember that by purchasing TheMusa NFT, you will be able to enjoy multiple benefits outlined below across all projects within the future Kybalion Ecosystem, including Cuarks and Expace.